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Author Studies: An Effective Strategy for Engaging Pre-Service Teachers in the Study of Children's Literature

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Commemorative Issue for Dr. Lawrence Sipe

I am really excited to share my author study with you today because I think he is a really cool guy and I think you are going to fall in love with him and his books as much as I did.

This quote could have been heard in just about any elementary classroom. Or perhaps from a middle-schooler who had just discovered a new favorite author thanks to his latest author study assignment. But it wasn’t… it was spoken by a university student in her final year of classes.

What is an Author Study?

Author studies have been used for many years by teachers to introduce students to authors. They can be a powerful tool in motivating students to read and enticing students to try reading a genre or author that they might normally not choose. When I was a first grade teacher, I could tell which author the students were studying in library class by which books they would choose to take out or by which shelves were empty in the library. Author studies can encourage critical thinking by asking students to make...


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