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Reinstallation of the COMPASS-D tokamak in IPP ASCR


The COMPASS-D tokamak, originally operated by UKAEA at Culham, UK, will be reinstalled at the Institute of Plasma Physics (IPP) AS CR. The COMPASS device was designed as a flexible tokamak in the 1980s mainly to explore the MHD physics. Its operation (with D-shaped vessel) began at the Culham Laboratory of the Association EURATOM/ UKAEA in 1992.

The COMPASS-D tokamak will have the following unique features after putting in operation on IPP Prague. It will be the smallest tokamak with a clear H-mode and ITER-relevant geometry. ITER-relevant plasma conditions will be achieved by installation of two neutral beam injection systems (2 × 300 kW), enabling co-and counter-injections. Redeployment of the existing LH system (400 kW) is also envisaged. A comprehensive set of diagnostics focused mainly on the edge plasma will be installed.

The scientific programme proposed for the COMPASS-D tokamak installed in IPP Prague will benefit from these unique features of COMPASS-D and consist of two main scientific projects, both highly relevant to ITER-Edge plasma physics (H-mode studies) and Wave-plasma interaction studies.

The COMPASS-D tokamak will offer an important research potential as a small, flexible and low-cost facility with ITER-relevant geometry.

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