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INAA applied to Tradescantia pallida plant study for environmental pollution monitoring


In this study, INAA was applied to analyse T. pallida plant in order to establish an adequate protocol for its sampling and treatment and so that it can be used for further environmental biomonitoring. Concentrations of most elements obtained in leaves, stems and flowers plus peduncles separately were found to have the same magnitude. Results obtained in leaf samples collected in several sites with distinct levels of pollution indicated that the cleaning of the sample must be done to eliminate dry and wet deposition on leaf surfaces. Morevover, concentrations of elements accumulated by plant depend on leaf age. Results obtained in this study have indicated the viability of using T. pallida in environmental pollution biomonitoring.

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Saiki, M., Alves, E.R., Sumita, N.M. et al. INAA applied to Tradescantia pallida plant study for environmental pollution monitoring. Czech J Phys 53 (Suppl 1), A189–A193 (2003).

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