Table 12 Other resources used (corpora and wordlists)

From: Corpus-based vocabulary lists for language learners for nine languages

Language Other corpora and word lists used
English BNC, BNC-spoken
Greek Official list from the Center for the Greek Language
Hellenic National Corpus (HNC): 50 million words written, various text types and genres
HNC frequency lists
Italian Italian PAROLE corpus: 250,000 words, newspapers and periodical
Corpus Stammerjohann: 100,000 words spontaneous speech
Corpus per il Confronto Diacronico LABLITA: 1,000,000 words of speech, Florence area
Norwegian NoTa Corpus of Oslo Speech and Nordic Dialect Corpus
Polish National Corpus of Polish and the Top 200 frequency list of the PWN corpus
Swedish EU project Parole corpus with 24 million tokens from newspaper texts, novels, periodical and web-texts from 1976 to 1990s