Chromosome Research

, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp 779–814 | Cite as

20th International colloquium on animal cytogenetics and gene mapping


April, 25–28, 2012

Córdoba, Spain

Clinical Cytogenetics


Clinical cytogenetics in domestic bovids: an update

Iannuzzi L.

Institute of Animal Production Systems in Mediterranean Environments (ISPAAM), National Research Council (CNR) of Italy, Laboratory of Animal Cytogenetics and Gene Mapping, Naples, Italy

The discovery of rob(1;29) in cattle and proof of its deleterious effects on carriers has opened the door to clinical cytogenetics applied to domestic animals, especially cattle and pigs. This important sector started by using only conventional chromosome staining, allowing the discovery of only numerical chromosome abnormalities and structural chromosome abnormalities which change the chromosome shape (i.e., centric fusions and pericentric inversions, as well as reciprocal translocations with evident derivative chromosomes). The advent of banding techniques and the availability of standard karyotypes for all domestic species have accelerated the progress made by clinical...

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