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Upregulation of KIF11 in TP53 Mutant Glioma Promotes Tumor Stemness and Drug Resistance


Glioma is the most common type of primary brain malignancy with high morbidity and mortality, but little is known about its pathological mechanisms. Kinesin family member 11 (KIF11) is a key driver of malignancy in glioblastoma, a grade IV glioma, but its involvement in glioma chemoresistance remains to be determined. We accessed the TCGA open datasets, collected glioma tumor tissue samples, and analyzed the expression of KIF11 in glioma patients. Meanwhile, the correlation between KIF11 and survival outcomes was determined by the Kaplan–Meier analysis. The role of KIF11 in glioma tumor cell function was assessed in an in vitro knockdown and overexpressing system. Here, we found that KIF11 was upregulated in glioma tumors and negatively correlated with overall survival outcomes via analyzing the open datasets. KIF11 was negatively correlated with TP53 expression. Furthermore, KIF11 promoted the stemness in glioma cells, accompanied by increased cell proliferation and chemoresistance. Mechanistically, we found that KIF11 promoted cell cycle progression via upregulating cyclin expression.

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This work was supported by Hebei Provincial Health Commission (20191770).

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Liu, B., Zhang, G., Cui, S. et al. Upregulation of KIF11 in TP53 Mutant Glioma Promotes Tumor Stemness and Drug Resistance. Cell Mol Neurobiol 42, 1477–1485 (2022).

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  • KIF11
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