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Lambert problem solution in the hill model of motion


The goal of this paper is obtaining a solution of the Lambert problem in the restricted three-body problem described by the Hill equations. This solution is based on the use of pre determinate reference orbits of different types giving the first guess and defining the sought-for transfer type. A mathematical procedure giving the Lambert problem solution is described. This procedure provides step-by-step transformation of the reference orbit to the sought-for transfer orbit. Numerical examples of the procedure application to the transfers in the Sun–Earth system are considered. These examples include transfer between two specified positions in a given time, a periodic orbit design, a halo orbit design, halo-to-halo transfers, LEO-to-halo transfer, analysis of a family of the halo-to-halo transfer orbits. The proposed method of the Lambert problem solution can be used for the two-point boundary value problem solution in any model of motion if a set of typical reference orbits can be found.

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