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W Modified HY Zeolite as Catalyst for Alkylation of Aromatic


HY zeolite is commonly considered to have a suitable pore structure for alkylation of aromatic. However, coke deposition results in catalytic activity falling rapidly because of its strong acidity. Herein, we prepared WO3/HY zeolite catalysts by liquid phase deposition method with phosphotungstic acid as the precursor, and their catalytic activities were evaluated by alkylation of naphthalene and n-tetradecene (C14H28). Characterizations showed that WO3 increased acid density and optimized the distribution of surface acidity and pore structure. The process not only increases the W5+ content which can increase the catalytic activity, but also reduces the reaction temperature to extend the service life. Both advantages of the catalysts achieved 96.12% conversion of naphthalene and 97.46% selectivity of monoalkylnaphthalene.

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We are so grateful and want to extend our sincere appreciations for the financial support from National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 21808054).

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  • WO3/HY zeolite
  • Phosphotungstic acid
  • Naphthalene alkylation
  • Coke deactivation