Hydrogenation of Citral Over Carbon Supported Iridium Catalysts


Hydrogenation of citral (3,7-dimethyl-2,6-octadienal) was carried out in a batch reactor at atmospheric hydrogen pressure and 70 °C over Sibunit (mesoporous carbon) supported iridium catalysts with different metal loadings. The major products were isopropyl ethers of geraniol and nerol (2-propanol was used as solvent), but also geraniol, nerol, citronellal di-isopropyl acetal and citronellal were formed. The metal particle size was determined by CO-chemisorption and varied from 2 to 6 nm. The turnover frequency for hydrogenation reactions increased with the metal particle size.

Graphical Abstract

Turnover frequency of hydrogenation reactions as a function of particle size.

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This work is part of the activities at the Åbo Akademi University Process Chemistry Centre within the Finnish Centre of Excellence Programme (2000–2011). Financial support from European Union through the Seventh Framework Programme (Project 246095-2) is gratefully acknowledged.

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