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Table 1 Composition and BET surface area of calcined hydrotalcites

From: Selective Catalytic Oxidation (SCO) of Ammonia to Nitrogen over Hydrotalcite Originated Mg–Cu–Fe Mixed Metal Oxides

Codes of the samples before calcination Codes of the calcined samples Mg/Cu/Fe molar ratio BET surface area (m2/g)
Mg2Cu1Fe1 HT-600-Mg2Cu1Fe1 2/1/1 43
Mg2Cu0.75Fe1 HT-600-Mg2Cu0.75Fe1 2/0.75/1 37
Mg2Cu0.5Fe1 HT-600-Mg2Cu0.5Fe1 2/0.5/1 50
Mg2Cu0.25Fe1 HT-600-Mg2Cu0.25Fe1 2/0.25/1 54
Mg2Cu0Fe1 HT-600-Mg2Cu0Fe1 2/0/1 56