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High Productive Ethylene Trimerization Catalyst Based on CrCl3/SNS Ligands


Methylaluminoxane (MAO)-activated chromium (III) complexes of tridentate SNS ligands of the form (RSCH2–CH2)2NH (R = alkyl, aryl) have been prepared and tested for the trimerization of ethylene to 1-hexene. The effect of ethylene pressure, Al/Cr ratio and S donor substitution on 1-C6 selectivity and productivity has been examined. It is shown that when the substitution on S is pentyl group it will lead to the highest productivity, 174200 g 1-C6/g Cr h, due to the synergistic effect of this group.

Graphical Abstract

An ethylene trimerization reaction at 90 °C and 23 bar ethylene, using the [bis-(2 pentylsulphanyl-ethyl)-amine]CrCl3 complex activated by 700 equivalents of MAO, afforded 99.8% 1-C6.

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