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Kinetics of Acetylene Hydrochlorination over Bimetallic Au–Cu/C Catalyst


A kinetic model of the acetylene hydrochlorination over the bimetallic Au–Cu/C catalyst was obtained on the basis of kinetic data. DFT theoretical calculation and the kinetic model indicated the reaction probably proceeds via the Eley-Rideal mechanism in which gas phase HCl reacts with the adsorbed C2H2 to produce vinyl chloride. Reaction conditions were optimized according to kinetics analyses. Under the optimized reaction conditions obtained, the bimetallic Au–Cu/C showed excellent performances with more than 99.5% conversion and selectivity and did not deactivate in 200 h on stream.

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The authors acknowledge for the financial and technique supports of Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co., Ltd. (China).

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  • Kinetics
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