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Effective Coke Removal in Methane to Benzene (MTB) Reaction on Mo/HZSM-5 Catalyst by H2 and H2O Co-addition to Methane

The catalytic dehydro-aromatization reaction over Mo/HZSM-5 catalyst was drastically stabilized by the co-addition of 5.4% H2 and 1.8% H2O to methane feed at 750 °C, 0.3 MPa and methane space velocity of 3000 mL g−1 h−1, suppressing the coke formation effectively, compared with single hydrogen or steam addition.

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Ma, H., Kojima, R., Kikuchi, S. et al. Effective Coke Removal in Methane to Benzene (MTB) Reaction on Mo/HZSM-5 Catalyst by H2 and H2O Co-addition to Methane. Catal Lett 104, 63–66 (2005).

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  • methane dehydro-aromatization
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  • H2 addition
  • H2O addition