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In-situ infrared thermographic analysis during dehydrogenationof cyclohexane over carbon-supported Pt catalysts using spray-pulsed reactor

  • Published:
Catalysis Letters Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Infrared thermography, a tool used for screening of active catalytic materials generally during the exothermic reactions has been used for thermal imaging during strong endothermic reaction of dehydrogenation of cyclohexane on Pt catalyst supported on active carbon cloth (CFF-1500s) sheets. A spray-pulsed mode was used for injection of atomized cyclohexane and to create alternate wet and dry condition on catalyst surface. The simultaneous product gas analysis and recording of the temperature profile of the catalyst surface using an IR camera was carried out. The production rate of hydrogen via endothermic dehydrogenation reaction is greatly dependent on the temperature of the catalyst surface. The observed change in the temperature profile at wet and dry conditions with varying pulse-injection frequency and corresponding product gas analysis reveals that the spray-pulse mode is useful in improving the catalyst activity. Further the reaction conditions were optimized using thermal profile data.

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Rajesh B. Biniwale-On deputation from NEERI, Nagpur India.

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