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Production of hydrogen-rich gas via reforming of iso-octane over Ni–Mn and Rh–Ce bimetallic catalysts using spray pulsed reactor

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Catalysis Letters Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The conversion of hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline and diesel is a potential source for hydrogen production towards various fuel cell systems. A novel spray pulsed mode reactor to create alternate wet and dry conditions on the catalyst surface has been used in this study to enhance the rates of hydrogen production compared with the solid-gas phase reaction due to the improvement of the catalyst reactant contact. The production of hydrogen-rich gas by reforming of iso-octane (2,2,4-trimethylepentane) in the presence of steam and air has been studied at 600 and 700 °C over Ni–Mn and Rh–Ce bimetallic catalysts supported on alumina mesh. The feed rate of iso-octane was varied from 0.553 to 5.53 m mol min−1 by controlling pulse injection in terms of the width and frequency of injection of iso-octane. Based on the product analysis optimized condition for higher hydrogen production and high H2/CO ratio has been deduced.

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Biniwale, R.B., Ichikawa, N.K.M. Production of hydrogen-rich gas via reforming of iso-octane over Ni–Mn and Rh–Ce bimetallic catalysts using spray pulsed reactor. Catal Lett 100, 17–25 (2005).

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