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Report of the clinical donor case workshop of the European Association of Tissue Banks Annual Congress 2013


The European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB) Donor Case Workshop is a forum held within the program of the EATB Annual Congress. The workshop offers an opportunity to discuss and evaluate approaches taken to challenging donor selection and donation ethics, and it strengthens networking between tissue banking professionals. The workshops actively engage participants from a wide array of international expertise, in an informal, secure and enjoyable setting in which learning from peers and finding potential solutions for submitted cases are facilitated. This report reflects some of the discussion at the Donor Case Workshop during the EATB Annual Congress in Brussels in 2013. The presented cases demonstrate that the findings, their interpretation, the resulting actions and preventive measures in the different tissue facilities are not always predictable. The varied responses from participants and lack of consensus corroborate this and clearly indicate that operating procedures do not comprehensively cover or prepare for all eventualities. For many of the issues raised there is no relevant information in the published literature. By publication of a summary of the discussions we hope to reach a wider audience, to provide information gathered at the workshop and to stimulate individuals and institutions to undertake further literature reviews or to undertake research in order to gather evidence concerning the discussed topics.

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  • Tissue donor selection
  • Tissue donor suitability
  • Disease transmission
  • Tissue transplantation