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Asymptotic Dissipativity of Random Processes with Impulse Perturbation in the Poisson Approximation Scheme*


The authors analyze asymptotic dissipation of pre-limit normalized stochastic evolutionary system in ergodic Markov environment, which significantly influences the behavior of the limiting process.

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Correspondence to I. V. Samoilenko.

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*The study was financially supported by the grant of the President of Ukraine (Project 0117U007015 of the State Fund for Fundamental Research).

Translated from Kibernetika i Sistemnyi Analiz, No. 2, March–April, 2018, pp. 38–44.

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Samoilenko, I.V., Chabanyuk, Y.M. & Nikitin, A.V. Asymptotic Dissipativity of Random Processes with Impulse Perturbation in the Poisson Approximation Scheme*. Cybern Syst Anal 54, 205–211 (2018).

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  • dissipation
  • Markov process
  • generator
  • Poisson approximation