Does Helium Have a Cryogenic Future?

If there were a list of endangered chemical elements, then helium would be one of the top ten most critical. Along with silver, zinc, and germanium, helium will practically be exhausted on the planet by the end of the XXIst century. Moreover, helium is the only gaseous element on the list. The unique physical and chemical properties of helium make it irreplaceable in scientific research, medicine, power engineering, aerospace, and defense sectors. Helium has a right to be considered mankind’s most important strategic resource.

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Translated from Khimicheskoe i Neftegazovoe Mashinostroenie, No. 10, pp. 39–44, October, 2015.

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  • helium
  • helium extraction
  • natural resources
  • energy costs for helium production
  • nuclear synthesis
  • stable isotope 3He