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Support of Decision-Making Based on a Production Approach in the Performance of an Industrial Safety Review

It is shown that production-based expert systems may be used to support decision-making in the performance of an industrial safety review, in particular, in solving problems related to compilation of a technical diagnostics program, the analysis of the results of technical diagnostics, and the development of a repair decision. Algorithmic support and software are described.

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The present study was carried out with the partial support of Grant SP-2012.2012.5 (stipend of the President of the Russian Federation).

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Correspondence to K. A. Kuznetsov.

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Translated from Khimicheskoe i Neftegazovoe Mashinostroenie, No. 11, pp. 28–34, November, 2014.

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Berman, A.F., Nikolaichuk, O.A., Yurin, A.Y. et al. Support of Decision-Making Based on a Production Approach in the Performance of an Industrial Safety Review. Chem Petrol Eng 50, 730–738 (2015).

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  • industrial safety inspection
  • evaluation of technical state
  • degradation process
  • production-based expert system