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Estimation of the Cost of Producing and Enriching a Krypton–Xenon Mixture

An analysis of methods of determining the prime cost of a krypton–xenon mixture produced as a byproduct of air separation is given. The oxygen production of a large metallurgical enterprise is selected as the subject of study. A comparison of well-known methods of calculation is carried out and the basic sources of the cost of producing the mixture are analyzed. The components of the prime cost of krypton-xenon concentrate obtained on Khrom plants are investigated. It is found that energy represents the principal cost item, amounting to more than 80% of the total sum.

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Correspondence to V. L. Bondarenko or T. V. D’yachenko.

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Translated from Khimicheskoe i Neftegazovoe Mashinostroenie, No. 1, pp. 44–48, January, 2015.

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  • products of air separation
  • krypton–xenon mixture
  • exergy
  • costs
  • prime cost