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Identification of Additives in MGE-10A Hydraulic Oil by IR Spectroscopy

A method is proposed for expeditious identification of additives in hydraulic oils from IR spectra of oil samples by determining the intensity of the absorption bands that correspond to the additive to be identified and comparing them with those for calibration mixtures having a known additive content. A procedure for determining the additives Acramax, Tricresyl phosphate, and Agidol-1 is described.

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Correspondence to L. V. Krasnaya.

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Translated from Khimiya i Tekhnologiya Topliv i Masel, No. 6, pp. 37 – 39, November – December, 2015.

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Krasnaya, L.V., Oreshenkov, A.V., Privalenko, A.N. et al. Identification of Additives in MGE-10A Hydraulic Oil by IR Spectroscopy. Chem Technol Fuels Oils 51, 605–610 (2016).

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  • hydraulic oil
  • IR spectrum
  • oil additives
  • identification
  • absorption
  • intensity of luminous flux
  • absorption band
  • base line