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Chest wall recurrence in pT1-2N0-1 breast cancer patients after mastectomy without radiotherapy

  • Ji Hyun Chang
  • Kyung Hwan ShinEmail author
  • Seung Do AhnEmail author
  • Hae Jin Park
  • Eui Kyu Chie
  • Jin Ho Kim
  • Su Ssan Kim
  • Yong Bae Kim
  • Won Park
  • Yeon-Joo Kim
  • Hyun Soo Shin
  • Jin Hee Kim
  • Sun Young Lee
  • Kyubo Kim
  • Kyung Ran Park
  • Bae Kwon Jeong
  • Ja Young Kim
  • Suzy Kim
Clinical trial



In correlation with the nodal status in the era of modern radiotherapy, the chest wall recurrence (CWR) rate was investigated in pT1-2N0-1 breast cancer patients after a mastectomy without post-mastectomy radiotherapy (PMRT).


The data from the patients participating in two South Korean multi-institutional studies (KROG 14–22; N = 1842 and KROG 14–23; N = 1382) were analyzed. In total, 3224 pT1-2N0-1 breast cancer patients who underwent mastectomy without PMRT were analyzed.


The median follow-up time was 72.2 months (range 0.8–125.2 months). The overall CWRs during the follow-up period were 1.68% in N0 patients and 2.82% in N1 patients. There was no statistically significant difference in 5-year and 10-year CWR-free survival (CWRFS) between the N0 and N1 patients. Of the 70 patients with CWR, 33 (1% of all the patients) had isolated CWR, and the 10-year overall survival rate in this group was 96.9%. After the propensity score matching of the N0 and N1 groups, there was still no difference in CWRFS by nodal status.


The incidence of CWR in pT1-2N0-1 breast cancer patients is very low, especially with isolated recurrence. Also, the obtained data showed that the nodal status had no impact on CWRFS.


Breast cancer Post-mastectomy radiation therapy Chest wall recurrence risk factor Chest wall irradiation 1–3 positive nodes 


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  • Jin Ho Kim
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  • Suzy Kim
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  1. 1.Department of Radiation OncologySeoul Metropolitan Government Seoul National University Boramae Medical CenterSeoulKorea
  2. 2.Department of Radiation OncologySeoul National University College of MedicineSeoulKorea
  3. 3.Department of Radiation OncologyAsan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of MedicineSeoulKorea
  4. 4.Department of Radiation OncologyHanyang University HospitalSeoulKorea
  5. 5.Department of Radiation OncologyYonsei University College of MedicineSeoulKorea
  6. 6.Department of Radiation OncologySamsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of MedicineSeoulKorea
  7. 7.Department of Radiation OncologyProton Therapy Center, National Cancer CenterGoyangKorea
  8. 8.Department of Radiation OncologyCHA University School of MedicinePocheonKorea
  9. 9.Department of Radiation OncologyKeimyung University School of MedicineDaeguKorea
  10. 10.Department of Radiation OncologyChonbuk National University HospitalJeonjuKorea
  11. 11.Department of Radiation OncologyEwha Womans University School of MedicineSeoulKorea
  12. 12.Department of Radiation OncologyEwha Womans University Mokdong HospitalSeoulKorea
  13. 13.Department of Radiation OncologyGyeongsang National University School of MedicineJinjuKorea
  14. 14.Department of Radiation OncologyAsan Medical CenterSeoulKorea

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