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Survival from breast cancer in patients with CHEK2 mutations

  • Epidemiology
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Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The purpose of this study is to estimate 10-year survival rates for patients with early onset breast cancer, with and without a CHEK2 mutation and to identify prognostic factors among CHEK2-positive breast cancer patients. 3,592 women with stage I to stage III breast cancer, diagnosed at or below age 50, were tested for four founder mutations in the CHEK2 gene. Information on tumor characteristics and on treatments received was retrieved from medical records. Dates of death were obtained from the Poland Vital Statistics Registry. Survival curves were generated for the mutation-positive and -negative sub-cohorts. Predictors of survival were determined among CHEK2 carriers using the Cox proportional hazards model. 3,592 patients were eligible for the study, of whom 140 (3.9 %) carried a CHEK2-truncating mutation and 347 (9.7 %) carried a missense mutation. The mean follow-up was 8.9 years. The 10-year survival for all CHEK2 mutation carriers was 78.8 % (95 % CI 74.6–83.2 %) and for non-carriers was 80.1 % (95 % CI 78.5–81.8 %). Among women with a CHEK2-positive breast cancer, the adjusted hazard ratio associated with ER-positive status was 0.88 (95 % CI 0.48–1.62). Among women with an ER-positive breast cancer, the adjusted hazard ratio associated with a CHEK2 mutation was 1.31 (95 % CI 0.97–1.77). The survival of women with breast cancer and a CHEK2 mutation is similar to that of patients without a CHEK2 mutation.

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The work described in this article was funded by the Polish Ministry of Health.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Correspondence to S. A. Narod.

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Other members of the Polish Hereditary Breast Cancer Consortium are listed in "Appendix".



Błasińska-Morawiec M, Chosia M, Drosik K, Gozdecka-Grodecka S, Goźdź S, Grzybowska E, Haus O, Jeziorski A, Karczewska A, Kordek R, Kozak A, Kozak-Klonowska B, Lamperska K, Lange D, Mackiewicz A, Mituś J, Niepsuj S, Oszurek O, Gugala K, Morawiec Z, Mierzwa T, Posmyk M, Rozmiarek A, Ryś J, Szczylik C, Uciński M, Urbański K, Waśko B, Wandzel P and the Polish Breast Cancer Consortium.

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