Biomedical Microdevices

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Correction to: Development of micro mechanical device having two-dimensional array of micro chambers for cell stretching

  • K. Minami
  • T. Hayashi
  • K. Sato
  • T. Nakahara

Correction to: Biomed Microdevices (2018)

The original article has been corrected. Instances of the character "μ" should be replaced by the term "micro". This change accompanies the change in the following sentences as below:
  • The device had 6 micro chambers made of silicone elastomer for stretching cells, which are incubated on that micro chambers.

  • However, the measurement efficiently was low because a probability of cell adhesion on the 6 micro chambers was low, and the total number of the cell adhering on the six ‘micro’ chambers was several.

  • This device consists of a cell culture dish and the twodimensional array of 134 micro chambers made of transparent silicone elastomer and extension structures made of photocurable resin.

  • It was confirmed that all of 134 micro chambers could be stretched.

  • It consists of the cell culture dish and the glass coverslip having the two-dimensional array of 134 micro chambers and extension structures.

  • The diluted silicone mixture was spin-coated on the photoresist mold, and the silicone thin films for 134 micro chambers could be individually kept on the coverslip by lift-off of the mold.

  • In the operation test of the fabricated device, all of 134 micro chambers could be stretched, and one of them could be stretched with 10% strain and more.

On the other hand, the third line under section 3.1 Fabricated device was incorrect. Upper case "H" in Hole should be in lower case, thus the correct line should read "14 mm dia. hole inside of the culture dish, and other part of"

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  2. 2.Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social SciencesTokushima UniversityTokushimaJapan

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