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Towards an optimal and unbiased approach for tumor cell isolation

  • Bhuvanendran Nair Gourikutty SajayEmail author
  • Chia-Pin Chang
  • Hamizah Ahmad
  • Wong Chee Chung
  • Poenar Daniel Puiu
  • Abdur Rub Abdur RahmanEmail author


Our current understanding of clinical significance or the lack thereof of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) is biased by the technology used to isolate these rare cells. Despite the presence of a vast number of academic and commercial technologies, the lack of a standardized and optimized platform has been widely noted. We present a negative enrichment approach, integrating WBC depletion and chemical-free RBC depletion in the same setup without the need for centrifugation, washing or multiple sample handling steps. This approach achieves an average of >90 % recovery of spiked tumor cells and >99 % total WBC depletion in whole blood across multiple cell lines, in a simple and easy-to-use assay. The results presented herein and ongoing improvements aim to fulfill the need for a highly reliable, unbiased, standardized, and optimized CTC isolation platform, using component technologies that are validated for cell isolation.


Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) Cancer cell isolation Metastasis Negative enrichment White blood cell (WBC) depletion 



Circulating tumor cells


White blood cell


Red blood cell


Epithelial to mesenchymal transition


Tetrameric Antibody Complexes


Green florescent protein


Phosphate Buffered Saline


Epithelial cell adhesion molecule



This work was supported by the Science and Engineering Research Council of A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research), Singapore under the grant number 1031490005. In addition, we greatly appreciate the support from Dr. Chaitanya Kantak for microslit membrane fabrication.


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  • Hamizah Ahmad
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  3. 3.BioElectronics Programme, Institute of MicroelectronicsA*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)SingaporeSingapore

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