Biologia Plantarum

, Volume 61, Issue 3, pp 473–482 | Cite as

Soybean NAC gene family: sequence analysis and expression under low nitrogen supply

  • X. WangEmail author
  • D. Li
  • J. Jiang
  • Z. Dong
  • Y. Ma
Original paper


NAM, ATAF1/2, and CUC2 (NAC) proteins are plant-specific transcription factors playing essential roles in plant development and various abiotic stress responses. In the present study, we identified 173 full-length NAC genes in soybean, which were phylogenetically clustered into 15 groups (NACa - NACo). The soybean NAC genes (GmNACs) were non-randomly located across the 20 chromosomes, and 128 genes (86.5 %) were preferentially located in duplicated regions of chromosome arms, which implied long segmental duplication and contributed to evolution of the GmNAC gene family. Most GmNACs genes showed a distinct tissue-specific expression pattern and the redundant expression patterns of active duplicate genes suggested that GmNACs have been retained by substantial subfunctionalization during soybean evolution. Furthermore, active GmNACs genes that had undergone strong artificial selection during soybean domestication were identified based on selection analysis. After low nitrogen treatment, enhanced expression of some selected GmNAC genes were noticed in soybean shoot and root, which implied that GmNACs might play an important role in nitrogen metabolism. Here, we summarize the sequence and expression analysis of the NAC gene family in the soybean.

Additional key words

chromosome location evolution Glycine max nitrogen metabolism transcription factors 



ABA responsive element binding protein


Arabidopsis transcription activation factor


cup-shaped cotyledon


milliard year ago


NAM, ATAF1/2 and CUC2


no apical meristem


single nucleotide polymorphism


transcription factor


WRKY DNA-binding protein


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