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Marker-assisted breeding for TaALMT1, a major gene conferring aluminium tolerance to wheat

Biologia Plantarum

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Aluminium toxicity in acid soils is the main limitation to crop production worldwide. In wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), the Al-activated malate transporter (TaALMT1) gene located on chromosome 4DL is associated with malate efflux and Al-tolerance. To introgress Al-tolerance from the breeding line CAR3911 into the high yielding Al-sensitive cultivar Kumpa-INIA, phenotypic and molecular characterizations of gene/QTL underlying Al-tolerance in CAR3911 followed by marker-assisted backcrossing (MAS-BC) were undertaken. Al-tolerant backcross (BC) lines were selected using the functional marker ALMT1-4 designed immediately upstream of the TaALMT1 coding region. Foreground and background selections using ALMT1-4 and microsatellite markers were conducted. Linkage and sequence analyses suggest that the TaALMT1 gene could underly the Al-tolerance in CAR3911, possessing the same promoter type (V) as the Al-tolerant genotypes Carazinho and ET8. The MAS-BC strategy allowed the selection of Al-tolerant lines with the smallest introgressed region (6 cM) on 4D and the highest recurrent parent genome (RPG) (98 %) covering 2 194 cM of the wheat genome. The homozygous BC3F2 line named Kumpa-INIA-TaALMT1 expressed a 3-fold higher Al-tolerance than its isogenic line Kumpa-INIA at 40 μM Al in the hydroponic solution, and similarly to CAR3911 and Carazinho. The MAS-BC strategy was successful for the introgression of the TaALMT1 gene into Kumpa-INIA in only three BC generations, shortening the breeding cycle to 24 months, which promises to increase wheat production and a greater yield stability in the acid soils of Southern Chile.

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bulk segregant analysis


marker assisted backcrossing


quantitative trait loci


recurrent parent genome


relative root elongation


root regrowth


Al-activated malate transporter gene 1


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Acknowledgments: The authors acknowledge the financial support from the Fundación para la Innovación Agraría FIA-PI-C-2005-3-A-064, CGNA and the CONICYT Regional/GORE Araucanía/CGNA/R10C100, and the INIA fo r providing infrastructure. We are grateful to Dr. Emmanuel Delhaize, CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra, Australia, for providing Carazinho, ET8, and ES8 wheat genotypes. The authors wish to thank Dr. Adriano Nunes-Nesi of the Departamento de Biologia Vegetal, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, MG, Brazil, for his contribution in the critical review of this manuscript. First two authors contributed equally to this work.

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