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Wood ontogeny during ex vitro acclimatization in micropropagated hybrid poplar clones


Wood ontogeny patterns were determined during the ex vitro acclimatization period in micropropagated plantlets of hybrid poplar clones T-14 [Populus tremula × (Populus × canescens)] and T-50 [(Populus × canescens) × Populus tremula]. The temporal course of developmental changes in the woody tissue was characterized on a weekly basis starting from the day of transfer to the ex vitro environment until full acclimatization was achieved on day 28. In vitro rooted plantlets had already initiated lignification of secondary xylem cells. The greatest increase in the amount of woody tissue was observed on days 21 and 28. At the end of the acclimatization period, T-14 plantlets contained on average 41.4 % of secondary xylem tissue compared to 30.3 % found in T-50 plantlets. During the course of acclimatization, both clones displayed identical patterns of vessel lumen size distribution from small vessel lumen area to large vessel lumen area. This pattern differs from the characteristic diffuse-porous pattern of approximately evensized vessel lumen area distribution typical of mature wood. At the end of acclimatization, the differences in vessel lumen area and relative conductivity between the clones were negligible. Development of secondary xylem tissue during ex vitro acclimatization promotes the establishment of vigorous regenerants with stems that show increased bending strength and stiffness.

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Acknowledgments: The authors thank Dr. D. Gömöry for statistical advice, Mrs. A. Lengyelová for her excellent care for the plantlets transferred to ex vitro conditions and Mrs. E. Ritch-Krč for language revision. The indispensable laboratory assistance provided by Mrs. H. Parobková is greatly appreciated. This publication is the result of the project implementation: Extension of the Centre of Excellence ‘Adaptive Forest Ecosystems’, ITMS 26220120049, supported by the Research and Development Operational Programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund (50 %). In addition, this work was financed by the Slovak Grant Agency VEGA (1/0490/09 and 1/0587/09).

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