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Adventitious rooting performance in micropropagated Cornus mas


Axillary buds sampled from a mature 27-year-old Cornus mas cv. Macrocarpa were grown in vitro on modified woody plant medium (WPM). Adventitious rooting performance of microshoots was assayed on half-strength WPM supplemented with 1-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) or indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) under various pH. NAA induced significantly higher rooting frequencies than IBA. The pH of 6.8 inhibited rooting, and differentiated roots were extremely thick and fragile. The highest rooting frequency was recorded on half-strength WPM supplemented with 5.37 µM NAA at the pH value adjusted to 6.2 (73 % of rooted shoots). In the presence of IBA, the formation of adventitious roots was observed only in the basal part of the microshoot dipped into rooting medium. In the case of NAA, however, adventitious roots arose also from the parts of microshoots that were not in contact with medium. The growth of aerial roots was always positively gravitropic. The nuclear microsatellite Cf-G17 gave a monomorphic fingerprinting pattern across the mother shrub and micropropagated plantlets. Acclimatized plants did not show any visually detectable morphological variation and the aerial adventitious root formation was no longer observed.

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indole-3-butyric acid


1-naphthaleneacetic acid


polymerase chain reaction


woody plant medium


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Acknowledgements: The authors thank Dr. D. Gömöry for statistical advice, Dr. D. Krajmerová for assistance with the sequencing gel, H. Parobková for preparation of culture media and A. Lengyelová for excellent care for plantlets transferred to ex vitro environment. This work was financed by the Slovak Grant Agency VEGA (1/3262/06 and 1/3514/06).

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