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Genetic analysis of fertility-restorer genes in rice

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Biologia Plantarum


Wild-abortive (WA), Honglian (HL) and Baro-II (BT) are three important cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) types in rice. It is essential to investigate genetic mode and allelism of fertility restorer (Rf) genes and the relationship between Rf and CMS. Fertility of the all test-cross F1 plants shows that the restorer-maintainer relationship is similar for HL-CMS and BT-CMS, while that is variance for WA-CMS and HL-CMS (or BT-CMS), respectively. Genetic analysis of Rf genes indicates that HL-or BT-CMS are controlled by single dominant Rf gene and WA-CMS is controlled by one or two pairs of dominant Rf genes, which reflects the characters of the gametophytic and sporophytic restoration CMS type. It is concluded that there are at least three Rf loci in different accessions with Rf genes for each CMS type.

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cytoplasmic male sterility



Rf :

fertility restorer




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