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Jackson Landers: Eating aliens. One man’s adventures hunting invasive animal species

Storey publishing, North Adams Massachusetts, 2012, xii + 226 pp, US$14.95 (paperback), ISBN 161212027X
  • Sara E. KuebbingEmail author
  • Joshua Ulan Galperin
  • Martin A. Nuñez
Book Review

“If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em,” say scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA 2011). This capitulation is one of a growing number of calls promoting invasive species management with a fork and knife (Franke 2007; Barclay 2011; Minsky 2011; Rosenthal 2011; Vozella 2011; The Stew Staff 2012). NOAA, worried about the rapid spread of lionfish up the eastern seaboard, has begun a campaign encouraging seafood lovers to whet their appetites for lionfish as the next east coast delicacy and to convince chefs and fishermen to harvest the invader for human consumption.

Lionfish filets, pan seared in olive oil and lemon pepper in a Bahamian kitchen, are one of the main courses described in the new non-fiction hunting adventure by Jackson Landers (Landers 2012). Landers, a self-described hunter, author, adventurer, and activist, has heeded NOAA’s call, and gone beyond, by publishing a memoir of his travels throughout the eastern United States to hunt and eat...


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