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RNA-binding proteins associated with desiccation during seed development in rice

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Long-lived mRNAs stored in mature seeds can remain active for long periods even if seeds undergo severe desiccation. They are then translated at the initiation of germination. To clarify the mechanism for stabilization of long-lived mRNAs during seed desiccation, fluctuations in RNA-binding protein (RBP) profiles that occur during seed formation in rice were analyzed. Proteomic analysis revealed that glycine-rich RBP 1A (GRP1A) is a highly abundant RBP in mature rice seeds. In addition, real-time RT-PCR analysis showed that putative RBP RZ-1A (RZ-1A) is seed specific. Moreover, transcripts of these two RBPs were clearly up-regulated during desiccation in rice seeds. The features of these two RBPs resemble those of late embryogenesis abundant proteins that function as molecular chaperones in dry seeds. Therefore, GRP1A and RZ-1A may have important roles in the stability of long-lived mRNAs in rice seeds.

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This work was supported by a Grant-in-Aid from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellows (No. 24.2033 to NS).

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Correspondence to Motoki Kanekatsu.

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  • Late embryogenesis abundant protein
  • Long-lived mRNA
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  • Rice
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