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The Effect of Citrulline/Malate on Blood Lactate Levels in Intensive Exercise


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of Citrulline/Malate supplementation with intensive training on blood lactate level in active handball players. The athletes were subjected to intense training for 4 weeks, 4 days a week, mainly pre-season strength and technique training. In this training period, stimol group (n = 11) athletes were given stimol 3 times a day as 1 g for breakfast, 1 g for lunch, and 1 g for dinner while the placebo group (n = 11) athletes were given only placebo in the same dosage and the same color at the same time. Blood lactate levels in athletes were measured 4 times, prior to and after a 1-month program as follows: rest (R), end effort (EE), recuperation 5 min (R5 m), and recuperation 20 min (R20 m). Blood lactate levels were compared both as intra-group and between the groups. In intra-group comparison, no change was observed in blood lactate levels in placebo group while a significant difference was found in the levels of stimol group as p < 0.05 with a 49.8% decrease in blood lactate level. In the measurements between groups, in the post-test measurements made after the training period, significant differences as p < 0.05 were found with a 60.7% decrease in blood lactate level EE. Considerable decline was seen especially immediately after exercise in blood lactate levels of the athletes being given stimol supplement. In this case, we can say that Citrulline/Malate supplementation may contribute positively to the performance of athletes and may help postpone fatigue at excessive or prolonged activity.

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This work was supported by Scientific Research Projects Unit of the Ataturk University.

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