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Population Genetic Structure of Endemic and Endangered Yellow Catfish, Horabagrus brachysoma, Using Allozyme Markers


The allozyme variation and population genetic structure of Horabagrus brachysoma in three natural populations from the southern part of the Western Ghats region, India, were investigated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Variations at 14 loci from 14 enzyme systems were analyzed. The allozyme analysis revealed a high level of genetic variation in this species, with an average of observed alleles per locus of 2.357 and observed heterozygosity of 0.178. The positive value of the fixation index (F IS = 0.507) implied a significant deficiency of heterozygosity at the population level. The highly significant probability (P < 0.0001) for the overall loci suggested that the three sample sets were not part of the same gene pool.

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The Indian Council of Agricultural Research, National Agricultural Technology Project (ICAR-NATP), which supported this study financially, is gratefully acknowledged. The authors are grateful to Dr. W. S. Lakra, Director, NBFGR; Dr. A. G. Ponniah, former Director, NBFGR; Dr. S. P. Singh, P.I. of NATP; and Mr. V. S. Basheer, Senior Scientist, NBFGR, Cochin, for encouragement, support, and guidance; and to Mr. K. K Musammilu and Mr. Lijo John, Senior Research Fellows, NBFGR, Cochin, for their assistance during collection of specimens. This work is part of the Ph.D. thesis of the first author.

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  • allozyme
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