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Genetic Polymorphism of β-Lactoglobulin Gene in Native Turkish Sheep Breeds

The genetic polymorphism of the β-lactoglobulin gene was investigated in three native Turkish sheep breeds. The study was carried out on 108 sheep (29 Kıvırcık, 38 Gökçeada, and 41 Sakız) by means of PCR-RFLP methods. Two genetic variants (A and B) and three genotypes (AA, AB, and BB) of β-lactoglobulin have been identified. The gene frequencies of β-LG A and B were 0.7759 and 0.2241 in Kıvırcık, 0.7632 and 0.2368 in Gökçeada, and 0.9756 and 0.0244 in Sakız breeds, respectively. The populations were in Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium in all samples from the three breeds.

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This work was supported by grants from the Scientific Research Projects Council of Uludag University (project no. 2002-74), Bursa, Turkey.

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  • Turkish sheep breeds
  • genetic polymorphism
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