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Principles of Construction and Approaches to Further Improvements in Multichannel Multifrequency Radiothermographs

The principles of radiothermograph construction and an algorithm for automated monitoring of the extent of mismatch at the interface between the antenna and biological object media in the process of radiothermometric measurements are considered. The results of implementing this algorithm in the development of a five-channel dualfrequency medical radiothermograph are presented. Further research tasks aimed at improving the noise immunity of multichannel multifrequency radiothermographs are formulated.

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Correspondence to S. G. Rykov.

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Translated from Meditsinskaya Tekhnika, Vol. 56, No. 6, Nov.–Dec., 2022, pp. 53–55.

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Leushin, V.Y., Gudkov, A.G., Sidorov, I.A. et al. Principles of Construction and Approaches to Further Improvements in Multichannel Multifrequency Radiothermographs. Biomed Eng 56, 449–452 (2023).

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