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The Effect of Filter Parameters on the Accuracy of ECG Signal Measurement

The problem of reducing ECG measurement error by processing ECG signals with physiological and electrical noise is considered. Recommendations are given for selecting the filter passband optimal for minimizing the ECG signal measurement error and, as a consequence, improving the accuracy of measurement of its amplitude and time parameters. The effectiveness of application of a band-pass filter is corroborated by the results of processing of experimental ECG signals.

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Correspondence to Y. A. Altay.

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Translated from Meditsinskaya Tekhnika, Vol. 53, No. 3, May-Jun., 2019, pp. 19-22.

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Altay, Y.A., Kremlev, A.S., Zimenko, K.A. et al. The Effect of Filter Parameters on the Accuracy of ECG Signal Measurement. Biomed Eng 53, 176–180 (2019).

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