Behavior Genetics

, Volume 46, Issue 6, pp 772–816 | Cite as

Behavior Genetics Association 46th Annual Meeting Abstracts


Age-related changes in cognitive attention: effects of APOE and education on racial/ethnic differences in a nationally representative sample of older adults

Thalida Arpawong, University of Southern California; John McArdle, University of Southern California; Carol Prescott, University of Southern California

The ability to concentrate and maintain attention increases and declines across the lifespan and has genetic and environmental influences. Given the key role of attention in overall cognitive abilities, the substantial evidence that risk for cognitive impairment is increased by having the APOE e4 allele, and that APOE effects differ by sex and by racial/ethnic status, we investigated the effects of these factors on age-related trajectories of attention in a longitudinal study of older adults. The study sample included N = 11,988 individuals (59 % female; 78 % non-Hispanic White (NHW), 13 % African American (AA), and 9 % Hispanic/Latino (HL)) and was drawn from the U.S. Health and...

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