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Table 9 Values used in the design codes to obtain the shear capacity of FRCM reinforced masonry

From: In-plane behaviour of clay brick masonry wallettes retrofitted with single-sided fabric-reinforced cementitious matrix and deep mounted carbon fibre strips

Number of mesh layers\(n\)1
Area of mesh reinforcement by unit width,\(A_{f}\)0.044mm2
Tensile modulus of elasticity of the CFRP mesh\(E_{f}\)240,000N/mm2
Design value of the tensile strain of the CFRP mesh (ACI 549-13 2013)\(\epsilon_{fv}\)0.0040mm/mm
Design characteristic strength of the mesh\(f_{tk}\)4.2N/mm2
Material factor (Triantafillou 2016)\(\gamma_{t}\)1.5
Partial factor for shear\(\gamma_{Rd}\)1.2
Strength reduction factor for shear (ACI 549-13 2013)\(\Phi _{v}\)0.75