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Extracorporeal Barbotage Detoxification of the Blood Plasma

We studied the efficiency of bubbling air as a method of detoxification of the blood plasma and its mixtures with plasma substitutes from CCl4. The efficiency of detoxification depended on the characteristics of the obtained foams: foam forming ability, frequency rate, dispersion, stability of a foam skeleton, syneresis, etc. A hardware-software complex for extracorporeal blood plasma detoxification was developed and the programs for the control and regulation of this process were tested. Physical and mathematical models of toxicant excretion from the body during extracorporal blood detoxification were proposed. Verification of the mathematical model demonstrates high correspondence between the theoretical and experimental data.

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Correspondence to Yu. A. Ershov.

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Translated from Byulleten’ Eksperimental’noi Biologii i Meditsiny, Vol. 165, No. 6, pp. 786-788, June, 2018

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Ershov, Y.A., Khachaturyan, M.A. & Slonskaya, T.K. Extracorporeal Barbotage Detoxification of the Blood Plasma. Bull Exp Biol Med 165, 820–822 (2018).

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Key Words

  • foamy air barbotage
  • extracorporeal detoxification
  • foaming
  • toxicant
  • blood plasma