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  • Translated from Kletochnye Tekhnologii v Biologii i Meditsine (Cell Technologies in Biology and Medicine)
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Peptide Regulation of Skin Fibroblast Functions during Their Aging In Vitro

The effect peptides KE, KED, AED and AEDG on proliferation (Ki-67), regeneration and aging (CD98hc), apoptosis (caspase-3), and extracellular matrix remodeling (MMP-9) in skin fibroblasts during their aging in culture were studied by immunofluorescent confocal microscopy. All studied peptides inhibited MMP-9 synthesis that increases during aging of skin fibroblasts and enhanced the expression of Ki-67 and CD98hc that are less intensively synthesized during cell aging. Peptides AED and AEDG suppressed caspase-dependent apoptosis that increases during aging of cell cultures.

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