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  • Gil C. Santos
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The present selection of papers constitutes the second special issue dedicated to the “Lisbon International Conference: Philosophy of Science in the 21st Century—Challenges and Tasks”, which took place in 2013 in Lisbon’s renowned Center for Philosophy of Science of Lisbon University (CFCUL) between December 4th and 6th.

In the light of the most important “Cross-disciplinary Approaches in Philosophy of Science”, these papers address crucial issues in contemporary philosophy of science, including the role of science in its relationship with philosophy of science.

In “The Science to Save Us from Philosophy of Science”, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen defends that science is not primarily concerned with knowledge. On the contrary, scientific discovery is driven by a kind of ignorance—characterized by the Author as what is brought out by a retroductive inferences—that scientists can cleverly exploit; and recent discoveries in sciences that cope with under-structured problem spaces testify the...


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