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Explications of Functional Entailment in Relational Pathophysiology

  • A. H. LouieEmail author
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I explicate how various relational interactions between (M,R)-systems may have realizations in pathophysiology, and how the possible reversals of the effects of these interactions then become therapeutic models. Functional entailment receives a rigorous category-theoretic treatment, and plays a crucial role in this continuing saga of relational biology.


Relational biology Functional entailment (M,R)-systems Pathophysiology Therapeutics 



I thank Keith Baverstock, Mihai Nadin, Hooshang Nikjoo, Denis Noble, and Roberto Poli for diverse discussions. Several motifs among these exchanges have in various degrees been deposited in the present paper, but I am, of course, subjectively responsible for the contents of this precipitation.


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