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Gas Centrifuge Cascade for Concentrating 235U in Additional Product and Purification of Processed Uranium Hexafluoride from 232,234,236U

It is proposed that the 232,234,236U concentration in reprocessed uranium hexafluoride be lowered by adding an extra product stream into a cascade of gas centrifuges. In the extra product 235U is concentrated up to 95% or more while at the same time the 232,234,236U concentration is reduced. This product is diluted with waste uranium hexafluoride to 235U concentration <5%. A computational experiment was performed for cascades with a different number of gas centrifuges per stage. The product obtained after dilution with 232,234U was shown to meet the ASTM C996-15 specifications for commercial grade uranium hexafluoride. The 236U content is equal to 0.1% and requires very little compensation by raising the 235U concentration.

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