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Investigation of Fission Product Release from Irradiated Oxide and Nitride Nuclear Fuel on High-Temperature Heating in Helium Flow

The results of an investigation of the release of the radioactive fission products 85Kr and 137Cs from dioxide and mononitride nuclear fuel irradiated in the BN-600 and BR-10 fast reactors are presented. The investigation of highly active fuel samples was performed on a remote experimental setup placed in a hot chamber. It is shown that for almost the same annealing temperatures and times of the irradiated samples the release of both fission products – 85Kr and volatile fission product 137Cs – from dioxide fuel is approximately 2 times higher than from mononitride fuel. The 85Kr and 137Cs are released from irradiated uranium dioxide in three thermally activated stages, which for 137Cs are shifted by 89–330°С toward lower temperatures with respect to 85Kr.

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Translated from Atomnaya Énergiya, Vol. 130, No. 2, pp. 74–78, February, 2021.

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