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Mathematical Model of the Technological Process of Carbothermal Synthesis of Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Nitride Fuel

A mathematical model of the technological process of the carbothermal synthesis of mixed uranium-plutonium nitride fuel is presented. The model was developed for use in the KOD TP software complex – a code for optimization and diagnostics of technological processes. The applied studies performed in this work are aimed at determining the optimal technological modes and increasing the efficiency of the development and tuning of process control systems as well as expanding the functionality of the KOD TP. The main characteristics of the process are described and the requirements of the model and assumptions are formulated. Computational experiments were performed. It was shown that the model is efficient and that it can be used to develop control systems, optimize regimes, and simulate equipment failures in the course of industrial operation.

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Correspondence to N. V. Liventsova.

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Translated from Atomnaya Énergiya, Vol. 129, No. 6, pp. 320–326, December, 2020.

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Blank, M.O., Egorova, O.V., Liventsova, N.V. et al. Mathematical Model of the Technological Process of Carbothermal Synthesis of Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Nitride Fuel. At Energy 129, 331–336 (2021).

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