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Economic Efficiency of Large, Medium, and Small Size NPP Including Construction Stage Risks

Currently, the typical risk for the global nuclear energy industry is the risk of violating the planned NPP construction schedule with the concomitant increase in cost. The results of an (accounting) settlements comparison of the realization of such risk situations during the construction of large, small, and medium- size NPPs are discussed. Changes in project efficiency metrics, such as the payback period and income from project implementation, are considered. It is shown that most significant is the financial and investment risk associated with the bank interest on the loan. Doubling of the construction time and the total costs makes the project unprofitable.

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Correspondence to Yu. N. Udyanskiy.

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Translated from Atomnaya Énergiya, Vol. 129, No. 6, pp. 303–308, December, 2020.

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