Atomic Energy

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History and Operation of the First Two Units of the Beloyarskaya NPP

  • L. A. Kochetkov

The history and development are presented of the unique power-generating units at the Beloyarskaya NPP with in-reactor steam superheating with AMB reactors that are thermal channel reactors with graphite moderator, whose core consisted of evaporation channels (2/3 of the core) with tubular fuel elements with heat removal by boiling water under pressure 13 MPa and steam superheating channels (1/3 of the core) with tubular fuel elements with heat removal by superheat steam. A description is given of the particularities of the thermal scheme, the problems associated with the development and testing of the primary equipment used in a power-generating unit, and the experimental research conducted on loop setups and experimental stands built at the Obninsk NPP and setups of the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering. The results of computational and experimental research performed in validation of the power-generating units and startup operations at the Beloyarskaya NPP are presented. Emergency situations arising during startup are described. The experience gained in developing the first two units of the Beloyarskaya NPP is used in the development of a series of RBMK-type reactor facilities.


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  • L. A. Kochetkov
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  1. 1.State Science Center of the Russian Federation – Leipunskii Institute for Physics and Power Engineering (GNTs RF – FEI)ObninskRussia

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