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Sobolev LVG Analysis of Aminomethanol and N-Methylhydroxylamine: Potential Spectral Lines for Their Detection in a Cosmic Object

Aminomethanol (NH2CH2OH) and N-Methylhydroxylamine (CH3NHOH) are isomers of each other, and have astrochemical importance. To our knowledge, they have not been analyzed so far in any terrestrial laboratory, and probably due to non-availability of accurate frequencies, they have not been searched in a cosmic object. It is well known that physical conditions in cosmic objects are very different as compared to those in our terrestrial laboratories. Therefore, these molecules may exist in the interstellar medium. For having information about the potential spectral lines of these molecules, we have obtained their rotational and centrifugal distortion constants, and electric dipole moment with the help of the GAUSSIAN software using B3LYP method, and aug-cc-pVDZ and aug-cc-pVTZ basis sets, separately. As the electric dipole moment has comparable components along all the three a, b and c axes, we have considered all the three types of radiative transitions together, and have calculated radiative transition probabilities for all the three kinds of radiative transitions. Considering a, b and c type transitions together, we have performed Sobolev LVG analysis of each molecule, where the collisional rate coefficients have been obtained using a scaling law. Considering energy levels up to 300 cm-1, we have found 181 weak MASER lines and 112 anomalous absorption transitions of NH2CH2OH, and 21 weak MASER lines and 28 anomalous absorption transitions of CH3NHOH, which may play important role for the identification of respective molecule in the ISM.

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Published in Astrofizika, Vol. 64, No. 3, pp. 437-453 (August 2021).

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  • ISM: molecules: aminomethanol: radiative transfer