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Relativistic star in higher dimensions with Finch and Skea geometry


We study relativistic solutions of compact objects with Finch and Skea (FS) metric of a hydrodynamical stable star in four and in higher dimensions. The solutions obtained in the usual four and in higher dimensions will be employed to construct stellar models. We study variation of different physical parameters inside the star. It is noted that a compact star in 4-dimensions with Finch and Skea geometry is always isotropic here which however is anisotropic if the space time is higher dimensional. The plausibility of such stars are studied here.

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S. Dey is thankful to UGC, New Delhi for financial support and IRC, NBU for extending research facilities. B.C. Paul is thankful to SERB-DST for a project-EMR/2016/005734.

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  • Compact object
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